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Month: May 2018

Plettenberg Bay – Home of Unforgettable, Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Once you have set eyes on the spectacular beauty of Plettenberg Bay, you will certainly never forget it. The breathtaking beauty is nothing short of astonishing, set against a majestic backdrop of spectacular mountains that span from one horizon to the next. The actual town is nestled against one side of the bay, against deep rich forests and separated from the indigo blue of the Indian Ocean by never ending stretches of sandy white beaches. You may just feel as though you have stepped into a postcard. Plettenberg Bay is truly a paradise for tourists with weather that is continually warm and pleasant. In the waters of the bay you will be able to discover a rich marine life. As the warm and cold waters of the currents of the Indian Ocean blend, a biodiversity that is unparalleled is created. The Bay is home to a wide array of common dolphins, which happen to be quite playful, as well as the endangered Bottle-nosed dolphins and even some rather shy Humpback dolphins as well. In addition, local residents include Byrde’s whales and Orca whales. Southern Right whales can also be found splashing in the bay as well. In fact, the biodiversity of the bay is so rich that it is literally the only place in the entire world where the rare Tropical Beaked whale has been witnessed. There are a...

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Treadmill Deck Info: Treadmill Decks Materials and Warranty

Treadmill deck is the material that forms the hard surface on which you run. In other words it’s the supportive surface. This article distinguishes the decking from the tread belt which is the belt that moves across the decking. Important Treadmill manufacturers don’t provide a great deal of information about the actual construction materials of their decks. These days most treadmills, especially if priced above $1,000 are constructed with decently strong tread decks (usually medium density fibreboard with a duo phenolic coating – all discussed in detail below). However, strength isn’t the be all and end all. If strength were most important, more treadmill manufacturers would use metal. Metal is used, but not extensively. What are decking construction objectives? Like I said above, if strength was the only objective, metal or steel decks would rule the day. But strength isn’t the only objective. Quality decking should: Be strong Be durable Have some elasticity (i.e. slightly flexible, but not bouncy) Minimize noise (i.e. muffle noise if possible) Have a smooth surface to minimize tread belt friction What materials are used? Often you’ll see reference to solid wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), and metal as materials used for treadmill decks. For coating you’ll usually read about phenolic coating. The article explains these different materials. Materials 1. Medium density fibreboard (MDF) MDF is created by breaking down wood into fibres (sawdust) and...

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Chicken Coop Construction – Why You Need Well Thought Out Plans

If you are a seasoned poultry enthusiast or even if you are just starting out, you will no doubt be aware that having a well made chicken coop in your yard more than pays off in the long run, rather than skimping on quality and knocking something together without any real plans. It pays to have well thought out and easy to follow chicken coop plans which show you everything that you need to do in order to construct a high quality chicken coop that your flock will be safe in. Remember that there are many things to consider when keeping chickens other than just basic sleeping arrangements and shelter for your birds. By getting hold of well thought out plans you can by pass all of the guesswork and extra expense that comes with a badly thought out build. Step by step, easy to follow blueprints are readily available and can be immediately downloaded for a few dollars resulting in superior build quality which means that you will save a ton of time and extremely money at the end of the day. High quality downloadable blueprints provide you with the option to choose from over 65 of the latest designs in simple step by step detail. They show you exactly which materials are needed and where to buy them at the lowest cost. Instantly downloadable chicken coop plans...

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The Laying Methods Of Crazy Paving

Right now the current rage in the world of landscape architecture is crazy paving. In case you have not heard of the term, we can assure you that you have definitely laid your eyes on this kind of pavement. This pavement uses different scrap materials of irregular shapes and lays them down together. Obviously it is quite a cheap method as it involves the use of different units which are broken and damaged. These units cost much lower than the whole and intact units. In fact some people even make use of other scrap materials from their homes like broken pieces of tiles or used and crushed colored tiles. But how do you patchwork these different materials as one universal bedding. Obviously that is the reason wet cement or mortar is used. A bed is prepared with wet cement to form the foundation of these different materials. It is this that adds to the firm bonding to the pavements. In case you have materials of a similar texture it is a better idea to lay them. After that you can use the mortar to fill in the gaps. However in case you are using this laying method you should try to use as little mortar as possible. Every structure has some weak point. A crazy pavement is no different. The structural weak point of such a pavement is the...

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Why It’s Important to Brush Your Teeth Before Going to Bed

You come home after a long day at the office and playing chauffeur for your kids’ after-school activities. The day whirled by and now you’re exhausted. All you want to do is fall into your bed and get some much-deserved Z’s. After the kids have gone to sleep, now you have your bedtime routine to do: wash your face, change into your PJs and brush your teeth. Perhaps you also need to take a shower as you slept in and didn’t have time in the morning to take one. You figure you’ll wake up extra early tomorrow to shower, so you change and wash your face. While at the sink you contemplate brushing your teeth. It’s only one night, you reason, what’s the worse that can happen? So you decide to climb into bed with a clean face, but a dirty mouth. Why is it important to brush your teeth twice a day, and especially at bedtime? You may think that because you’re not eating or drinking anything other than water while you sleep, that your mouth should be fine until morning. After all, it seems like your saliva has pretty well done away with the lunch, dinner and snacks you’ve enjoyed over the course of the day. Your mouth, however, is quite active at night. While you’re off in dreamland, there are numerous chemical reactions and compound breakdowns...

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