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All About Medical Billing, Coding & Claims Modifiers

Importance of Using Proper Modifiers: 1. The physician performed multiple procedures 2. The procedure performed was bilateral 3. The E/M service was done on the same day of the procedure 4. The procedure was increased or decreased 5. The procedure has both professional and technical component 6. The procedure was performed by other provider (Anesthesiologist, Surgeon Physical Therapist, Speech Pathologists etc.) 7. Procedure on either one side of the body was performed 8. The E/M service was provided within the postoperative period 9. The E/M service resulted to Decision of Surgery 10. Unusual Circumstance Maximize your reimbursement for bilateral procedures by using the correct modifier. Bilateral Modifier (-50) Depending upon the insurance payer, processing claims with bilateral procedure should be paid 150% Medicare Part B requires one single line of bilateral procedure code with Modifier 50. They normally process the claim with 150% reimbursement. But again, you have to check on this in your state and in your region. Some commercial insurance would prefer Two Lines of the same code, once with 50, second without 50. Then second modifier on the 1st line is RT or LT, modifier RT or LT on second line, with 1 unit of service each code. Must be reimbursed at 150% Some commercial insurance would prefer two lines of the same code with modifier LT or RT on each line with 1 unit of...

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Hajj Packages 2011 – It Is All About Performing Hajj According To Sunnah

Performing Hajj according to Sunnah is of the utmost importance. So, how do you perform works to meet the needs of Sunnah? The Acts of Hajj are made up into two categories. These are The Pillars and Obligatory Acts. These categories are then split into separate parts. The Pillars are acts that must be performed to ensure you do not invalidate your Hajj 2011. These pillows are comprised of: Ihraam: This is having an intent or a meaning to begin the deeds of worship for Hajj. Ihram begins at certain places called Meekats. Standing at Arafah: To perform Hajj according to Sunnah, people have to stand at Arafah for a moment from mid day of the ninth day to the dawn of the tenth day. Tawaaf al-Ifaadhah: This begins after standing at Arafah and to meet Sunnah requirements people must follow. This act demonstrates the unity of believers in one being. Sa'y: This is the final pillar of Hajj and must be done to remember Ishmael's mother Hagar, who ran back and forth looking for a source of food for her children. Obligatory Acts of Hajj: are acts that have to be done during Hajj according to Sunnah. Ihraam: Pilgrims must start at the Sharee'ah-approved Meeqaats Arafah: Pilgrims must stand at Arafat until the sun sets Al-Muzdalifah: Pilgrims must spend the tenth night at Al-Muzdalifah. This is agreed on...

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How To Avoid Arguing With Your Spouse

Picture the scene. You get home from a hard day at the office and all you want to do is flop in front of the TV for half an hour. On the other hand, your wife has been out at work and when she comes home she wants to tell you all about her day, who said what and in the end, what happened. Recognize what I'm saying? I guess most people will because this situation and why it arises is well documented, going all the way back to pre-historic times. Man, the hunter gatherer, is happy to sit in silence for long periods of time waiting to trap his prey, he only needs to expend a few hundred words in a day to feel fulfilled. After a 21st century day were the importance of communication in business is stressed, is it any wonder that he does not want to talk. Prehistoric woman on the other hand remained in camp with all the other women and children doing boring repetitive work and to relive the boredom, the natural thing was to talk. Evolution has eliminated women the hand that they are much more comfortable being able to talk than in silence. Depending on the 21st century job being done a woman is only going to be able to expend so many words and may not feel comfortable at the...

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The Modern Crossbow: A Not So Primitive Weapon

To most archers who shoot a modern compound bow, a crossbow is little more than a curiosity and, to most traditional archers who shoot either a recurve or a longbow, a cross bow is pure anathema. However, the fact of the matter is that the modern crossbow has evolved right along with the modern compound bow and, in fact, they share the same technology. Consequently, today’s crossbows are significantly more sophisticated than those of even just a few years ago and thus, not only are they considerably faster, they are also more accurate, more compact, and lighter weight. Consequently, there are now more reasons than ever to consider making the switch to this so called “primitive weapon”. Of course, one question that nearly all hunters ask at one time or another is “why would I want to use a crossbow?” and, while the answers to this question are many and varied, one answer is that a crossbow is perfect for people who are avid gun hunters that would also like to extend their season but, don’t wish to spend the time necessary to become skilled with a compound or recurve bow. Thus, because a crossbow is essentially an extra-short bow mounted on the end of a gun stock, the same skills that are used to shoot a firearm can be employed to shoot a crossbow; thus making it a...

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Rajasthan Sariska – A Trip to Ancient Tiger Land Known For Its Wildlife Sanctuary

Sariska which is just 239 km south west of Delhi and takes around 4 hrs from Delhi is well known for its wild life sanctuary. Sariska use to be a hunting reserve of kings and royals of Alwar. The palace near Sariska itself shows. The best time to visit sariska national park is during winter October – February when plenty of migratory bird are attraction of Sariska National Park. The sanctuary is closed during months of rain. Many books have already been written about this wildlife park due to its popularity. You will not see many tigers since the tigers are extinguishing here but you can have a look at various migratory birds and deer in Aravalli hills.Governmnt has taken many steps to protect tigers since you can spot some. The best time to visit inside park is during morning and in evening hours. Some animals that can be spotted here are herds of deer like nilgai, chital, sambar, with langur (monkey with big tail and black face) and monkey seeing you through the trees. You could also sometimes see Leopard, jackal, wild dog in the bushes. If you are highly enthusiast bird watcher then you can see white breasted kingfisher, Serpent eagle, great Indian horned Owl and some other popular migratory birds. The most enjoyable part of the trip will be to drive through the park. There are...

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