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The Difference Between Real and Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is not only favored by the Panda, it is also favored by us as well because of its wide range of uses. Bamboo is considered a symbol of fertility in Chinese culture and a symbol of friendship in India. Although it can grow as tall as a skyscraper, it is not considered to be a tree. but a type of “True Grass” and also part of the Poacea family. Poacea is the most important of all plant families to human economies. Bamboo is also considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow over 2 feet in a day due to a unique Rhizome-Dependent System. Rhizome is a characteristically horizontal stem of a plant that is usually found underground and the Bamboo plant is considered to be such. The plant can be found in cold mountains or hot tropical regions. It can grow in poor soils and requires little water. It is commonly used in textile, furniture, flooring, etc. Bamboo is often confused with the Feng Shui “Lucky Bamboo Plant” but they are not the same. The Lucky Bamboo plant is a Dracaena Sanderiana and a tropical plant often cultivated for indoor use. It is native to the rain forests of Cameroon, Africa and Southeast Asia. It is also considered to be one of the most popular Feng Shui cures. According to Feng Shui,...

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A Tribute to Seafarers!

Somewhere around 1500 BC, the Lapita people (ancientors to the Polynesians) moved across the ocean carrying their plants of food and domestic animals. This marked the beginning of true seafaring skills in the Stone Age. The traditional craft used back then is what we now call a catamaran. These seafarers knew how to read wind and wave patterns, and navigated by the sun and stars. Once could say the Lapitas studied the flight pattern of birds as they headed towards landfall, the drift of vegetation, and even cloud formation; skills old salts still use today. In the mid-14th century, European Sailors ventured out into the Atlantic. On August 2, 1492, sailing the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue leaving the Canary Islands. Financed by the king and queen of Spain, Columbus sailed westward in search of silks and spices in Asia only to discover America instead. In the 1600's: — 1620, December 21, wind-battered and weary, the Pilgrims anchored in Plymouth Harbor, MA after being at sea for approximately two months. They spend the winter on their crowded ship (Mayflower) and lost half the people due to disease. Over the next several years the population in Plymouth great due to new arrivals from England. — 1659, the first homesteaders (two men, 1 woman, and six children), arrived on Nantucket Island traveling by open boat through seas churned...

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Do Flies Serve Any Purpose Or Are They Just Useless and Annoying?

There are very few things more annoying than a bunch of flies buzzing around the house, while you ‘re trying to sleep. It almost seems like they ‘re a joke of nature, designed specifically to drive you crazy. They buzz around the room making an incredibly annoying sound, at a grating frequency, and on top of that, they land on your food or body. And if these were not enough, they can transmit various diseases and have disgusting larvae. We are taught even from an early age that ecosystems are made of many organisms that depend on one another. Automatically, this would mean that every organism has a role, a part to play. So do flies have any purpose or are they just useless and annoying? Although it may be hard to imagine what use a fly might possibly have, they actually play important roles in nature. A female housefly deposits about 100-150 eggs on something that can provide food for the larvae that will hatch from the eggs. This food typically consists of decaying material, such as garbage, animal droppings or grass clippings. Then, somewhere between 8 hours and 2 days later, the maggots hatch and begin to feed. Eventually they form pupae and change into adult flies, restarting the cycle. Fly larvae are very efficient disposers of garbage and any other dead matter. Along with bacteria and...

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Job Hunting 101

If you have ever wondered how you were going to be able to help your child when he started high school prepare for the working world have them read this book. It not only outlines what needs to be done it also helps with the little tips and tricks on what to look for and what to do with your resume and how to practice for an interview. It's a book you wish you had when you were first starting out but could not find. There are excellent examples and it reminds you that money is not everything and sometimes you have to hold out for something you would rather do than the all mighty dollar. In the end you want to start with something you can build a career on and this book titled "Job Hunting 101" by Matt Gordon shows you how to do that. This is a very good book for a young adult. Also, this is a good book just to get some simple ideas from to pass along. I guess in this economy you can say it is a book for everyone and even at an older age we forget some of the simpler things we did when we were stillger and some of the things that the new bosses of today might be looking for. One of the biggest things to adjust to...

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9 Benefits of Having One Sexual Partner

Many people say that having sex with the same person is boring. They have other sexual partners, hoping that the sex they have with them will be more exciting. But having sex with one partner is the best way to have good sex. It is what you and your partner decide to do that makes sex exciting. Here are some of the benefits of having one sexual partner: Having one sexual partner at a time will reduce your chance of being infected with HIV. You will also have a chance to live a free and happy life with someone you trust. You know a lot about the person, so you know what makes them happy outside of bed. You want to please each other. You trust each other, so nothing that you say will eave your bedroom. You can be romantic. You can take lots of time to learn what the other likes in bed. You can be a good example to others, especially your children. You will want to carry on working things out in your relationship with your partner to avoid having other partners. Benefits to your family A family is where everyone should find comfort, understanding and strength to go out into the world and do their best. Being a good partner and parent will help your children to make good decisions on what is right...

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