It’s a shame that men don’t go through the common cited misery of hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, incontinence, mood swings, fatigue and weight gain… the list seems endless… and of course acne to top it all up like a cherry on a cake!

Is this mid life crises I hear? Does going bald for men even compare?

To be blunt there is no a magic bullet – a simple yet effective solution. It’s elusive and yet that little voice inside us all seems to say otherwise.

Why is it that some people go through sailing in life and others keep getting caught in the storm with the endless use of different acne drugs (such as accutane or antibiotics), lotions, creams, and ointments?

Also why is it that there is an increased number of people getting this condition – is there something in the environment? What is different now and going back a few decades? Just check out the statistics on the subject, some research or just speak to a dermatologist.

Once upon a time my list of questions seemed endless but in the end there is light at the end of the tunnel… Listening to Bob Dylan I realized the answer might just be blowing in the wind after all… But that’s enough of the rambling…

I told myself that you got to listen to what’s going on from the inside, out… It’s your body crying out that there is something wrong… That is when I began to wake up… But before I get into the details – please also consider that we are all different and therefore each person’s testimony of a way out is a process of testing, eliminating and changing habits and lifestyle.

The solution is different for each person like many roads leading to the same place and therefore it is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike – hard to begin with but afterwards it just seems so obvious.

The first thing you need to do is form a plan, think about whom, what, where and how? For example keep a diary noting observations, results based on questions such as:

  • What food do you eat? Did you ever consider that certain foods high in iodine actually aggravate acne? Is your diet varied including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables? What are the benefits of eating which food?
  • Do you do wash your face before exercising? It is not that obvious but when you sweat and rub your face you are actually worsening acne by rubbing in the grime into the pores. If you had to choose I would argue it is better to wash your face before exercising than after afterwards, especially when you consider that when you sweat it is just salty water.
  • Or how about how often you change your pillow case and wash your hair? Leaving a build up of oil residue on your pillow can of course cause slow aggravation and considering we almost spend a third of our lives sleeping it is no surprise that this could be one of many factors.
  • Taking up yoga to reduce the stress in life? Depression and stress are other factors which can aggravate the inner body and peace leading to all sorts of health issues.
  • Eating more natural, organic foods – not like the convenience of processed and packaged foods filled with every artificial additive and e-numbers? It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

It is just those little things that you just don’t realize – a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. But when you put your mind to it – you just might see another piece in the jigsaw puzzle and slowly build the full picture.

In addition I found that herbs have much medicinal use ever since time in memorial, like being an aboriginal living off the land and knowing which herbs counter which ailment. It is just amazing and this simple knowledge was of course passed to each generation throughout the ages until perhaps recently. The effects of menopause and many other things can be reduced with this knowledge alone…

So in a nutshell getting menopause and the onset of adult acne was a blessing. It changed the course of my life for the better by simply learning to listen to my inner self.

The first step I suggest is that you write down what you want in life, a diary which records your experimentation with all of the above points. Remember its a process of testing, eliminating and recording the results.

In the end I realized that I was like a fish swimming in polluted water, it wasn’t me that was ill – it was all the things around me. All I had to do was put that fish into cleaner water.

Just taking half an hour a day to think, assess and re-plan and implement what your body, mind and heart says can make all the difference.

A healthier body leads to a healthier mind and taking two birds with one stone menopause and acne can be solved.

Source by Sara Yasmin Smith