The CIA’s motto is “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you totally free.” That is hard to swallow to say the the very least.

The Fatimids and the Assassins look to have designed specials at the upper echelon of their society with numerous of their intended enemies. The identical was genuine of the Farsi and Pharisee ton who were really regarded all through the Roman and Parthian Empires right before the Crusades. In the crusades they designed their specials with the Knights and earlier moments observed them working with Pythagoreans or a more immediate marriage with the BEES or Berbers of the Stuart continuum from Mil or Mile, every time and if ever he actually existed. That would go all the way again to twenty,000 many years back in accordance to Niven Sinclair who is one particular of their historians. Even at the commence of the 1st Environment War the gentry of opposing sides even now executed soirees and other events with each other. It has been this sort of fun for them – I guess. You hear how the plebs are cannon and sword fodder all through historical past and it seems we are when war is not happening as nicely.

The Kelts had totally free medicine for the weak and an instructional system that lasted for twenty five many years. They were perilous and had to be eliminated! They fought for Ariadne on Crete and others right before her. They are the Hyksos (‘foreigners’) of Phoenician Sea People. They are the persons who were eradicated on Easter Island and New Zealand beneath the watchful eye of a Romano-British plot that demands to be uncovered! Even the bounty on the Beothuk is connected to this horror show that historical past has protected up for far much too numerous many years. If I seem upset, you can presume I have pink hair like my nieces and nephews. I’m weary of war! How about you? Ogham was their language and the Britannica echoes the text of teachers who deny it exists all around The us by contacting it scrapes from farm implements or the like. Correct! Allow us start off to hear the truth right before we actually imagine any individual. If they cannot inform us what they’ve done or why these items occur how can we Belief? I do not imagine in dying but that does not mean I want humanity to close. If daily life is only counting score on the societal achievements ladder that makes it possible for this sort of inhumane functions by insecure deviates then I do not imagine in that form of daily life, either. In my modern reserve The All over the world Prehistoric Import of the Excellent LAKES!, I have bundled quite a few other illustrations and cited the text of specialists.

Just one this sort of professional was Edward Lanning who wrote Peru Prior to the Incas. This Columbia University researcher who invested twenty many years in the area introduced me artifactual evidence in Lima, which confirms the ancient drug trade and the token/coded handshake as nicely as a description of Kelts just like that of Caesar in the Gallic Wars. If any tutorial read Caesar’s text of description about the Keltic fleet he met in Brittany, they would know the Kelts were in The us a extensive time right before Aristotle (or his student) mentioned so in Bizarre Things Read. These techniques and mystery spying businesses have been our demise and they do not advantage us any as a entire society.

Definitely mankind has been the target of far much too numerous hoaxes and plots versus the prevalent fantastic. That much too will have to close! JFK was appropriate to check out to disband the CIA and Napoleon was not only an Emperor of France. Read why he wore the BEE symbol of the Dwelling of Mallia and the Merovingians. Then you are going to comprehend what has been likely on. I assure you the text of Julius Caesar (Created by Hirtius his propagandist.) were extremely prolific and nicely perused as nicely as remaining relatively one particular-sided. What has happened to guy all through historical past is significantly less a make any difference of probability than it has been a strategy. That strategy has not been what Teilhard de Chardin named for when he mentioned we will need – “A CONSPIRACY OF Appreciate!” Things are not one disciplinary or purely historic or archaeologic we will need to combine all understanding and develop wisdom or prevalent feeling. If we do not develop into this educated as people, we are doomed. The Métis are possible remnants of Europeans who arrived to The us as a result of the millennium or two immediately after Caesar and his form subjugated independence in Europe. They say:

“Ideas of independence bundled: The Coureurs de Bois above all cherished the theory of
The Indians had uncovered these initial Frenchmen to the Basic principle
The Indians also challenged the French Basic principle of
‘One King, Just one Church’
with a new
What did the fathers of the Métis see in the New Environment:”

This quotation from is nicely value looking at as we go forward to satisfy the issues of house and a universe where persons are not constrained any more than the God that exists inside of all lifeforms. And when we are certain about what lies off the coast of Cuba at the 2200′ depth beneath the Gulf of Mexico will any individual consider notice that each of us demands to re-evaluate all the regulations and morals we settle for from those people ‘experts’ who are generally rather improper. Just check with quantum physicists about how significantly flak truth can generate!

Source by Robert Baird